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January 02, 2008


Bill Clinton

Looks like Esnips IS going to shit! THE SITE SUCKS SHUT IT DOWN.


Could I apply for a job in your marketing department? Try this on for size: if the site is going to have stagnant information on it for 5 days in a row - and you've got over 6000 people in your karaoke database - do you think your tech guys, who were thinking about the offenses to their creative minds, might just come up with the idea to put a little blurb on the site? hmmmm

How's about: Tech Guys Overhauling Community Pages - Won't Take Long - Stay Warm.


Just a thought.

Sometimes a decisive, immediate action is required if you are to be successful and respected in your business. Next time you might try thinking about the people - what do WE need - what's going to make US happy?

After all, we - the people ARE your business. If you think you can afford to lose us that easily you might consider a hasty re-think of your vision statement.

Thanks for listening.


I want to thank you Golf, for your comment, because it showed me my original post could come across as a bit sarcastic and non supportve of our great tecchies, which i would never want to be. so I've edited it a bit, because i also thought the pages needed to be fixed.
And - this issue was discussed in the different forums, we just never expected it to go on this long; every day would be "today is the day it goes back to normal!" So i didnt think a post would be needed... my deepest apologies.

jolyn chua

i wan this file.thx


Thanks Lonnie - just this last note, then I'll try to shut up.

There are reasons eSnips has had to put out so many fires lately. The most glaring is the very large communication gap between the home office and us, your members.

It's not difficult to figure out that when members ask questions and they don't get timely answers - they will inevitibly draw their own conclusions. Most times those conclusions will be based on the negative emotions they feel as a result of the non-response from you. --Not Good--

The solution to that is to close the gap. You must establish a more solid connection between the company and the people - and you do this through communication.

Immediate, timely, consistent, tireless, communication.

The idea for eSnips was genius!! Just by glancing at what you offer, how long you've been in business, and the cuttent membership numbers, the company could grow as big as you'd like it to be. But if you allow the communication gap to grow along with your business you'll be treading water - at best.

It will be well worth the effort to implement a plan.

All The Best,


sakura !

TDV SilentSnipe

I dont know if anyone wants to go on this site anymore. I sure don't.

Esnips, for you're own sake, put the download button back. SOON.


Taking away the download button was fine but blocking all the songs was just plain stupid i have never seen a website commit suicide before but damn. You people at Esnips need to swallow your pride and admit to all these people that you guys were threatened with big time lawsuits thats why you did all this.


I mean honestly lets think about this for a minute AOL, Rhapsody and many many other websites are letting people listen to ENTIRE SONGS for FREE you cant download the songs but you CAN listen to them so why is ESNIPS blocking and deleting songs I'd like an answer to this and so would everybody here quit beating around the bush and explain yourselves. If listening to music without downloading is a crime then i guess there wouldnt be radio stations or XM and Sirus satellite radio, AOL radio, Rhapsody and countless other website radio stations. As a business owner myself you are making money off google adsense whats your plan for income when 90% of your users quit visiting and your advertisers quit using your site do to lack of visitors.
If I had Ads on your site I would have pulled them the moment i seen what you guys were doing. I wouldnt want my business ads on your site with all this bad publicity your giving yourselves. I see your future already you wont be able to survive only allowing unsigned karoke singers to upload there music most of them suck anyways and i know your gonna say YOUTUBE made it this way but youtube offered something you dont and that is VIDEO with the crappy karoke singers. By reading the complaints you took away the one thing people was here for and that was to listen to professional artists. You guys really want to reconsider what your doing check the laws if you have to. The downloading button to make MP3's was illegal but just to listen isnt illegal. And never will be do to making radio illegal altogether. I hope you get to fixing this problem very quickly cause your on the internet and word of mouth complaints goes world wide in a matter of minutes.

Jeff Lee

Hey hey hey, esnips. Can you please address the problem the esnippers are complaining about? It's getting frustrating that you are trying to shirk responsibility and pretend that nothing of this is happening. I'm sorry that this may sound not nice, but please just listen to the fans. At this rate you are going, esnips will be closed in a matter of months.


poor poor esnips i can see that you are not going to survive this year because if you think people are going to move on to something else on this site LOL your funny and you guys just broke a HUGE hole in your ship


why dont u put it back to where it used to be? the people are screaming their voices, cant u hear it? i agree to most of them that you better shut down this entire site than to keep it running when nobody's enjoying it other than you who collected money everytime people visit this site...pull ur last string..


If you want to keep this site up give back the download button. Why because more than 80% of the visitors of esnips came to download music.There are millions of other sites you can listen to music but because esnips strayed from the path and allowed a download button many more people came here.Now with that button gone not many people will come.If you're not gonna have a download button you might as well be the next imeem but hopefully you will stray from that path again and let downloading be easy. Please respond to my post Thank You.

Bill Clinton

Did Esnips die yet?


Seriously, to be honest... nobody really cares about this stuff. The only reason they came to eSnips was because it was the best site for downloads. And a one month delay on any news really just frustrates everyone.

Also, if you intend on making this work, I suggest a) making downloading available the default or b) clean up all of the files that have since the download button removal been taken off site. Seriously in a search, usually about 60-80% of the files have been deleted by the uploader. It's annoying.

Oh, and there's a way of bypassing your little removal. Thought you might want to know.

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