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November 14, 2007



erm... hi... i'm just wondering... is Hong Kong one of the affected areas? cuz suddenly... esnips ain't workin' for me...


Hi Jane - if you are having trouble now, we are doing an upgrade - see the blog post from today, the 20th of Nov.
It shouldnt last too much longer.
Take care, Lonnie


please....hear us out!!
we just love music so much..
i think that's obvious..i need downloads...we need downloads!!that's for sure...
bring the DOWNLOAD back..


hi friends

please kinaly allow download song form ur folder

i love marathi song collection by all of u is grate pls kindlly allow download button back


what happend to the download?
did it got erased because of the new system?
well like others i would like to request for download to be returned,
we would appreciate it. :)


alow what happen to the download ,,i lov music bt i cannot download the song,,im request 4 download 2 be returned!!!!!


get back our "download " button

esnips sucks if we cant download music


how come some of my files are gone now...i don't remember deleting any of my files..what's goin' on here i used to really like this site..now it sucks!!!


Please put back the download option


Please put back the download button

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