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August 26, 2007




That's cool, but can we have some better looking MP3 widgets ('MP3 Players') please? The ones that are provided are a bit too ugly. Please don't mind my choice of adjective; that's exactly what I think of them (and I'm not the only one, you see. Each and every esnips member/user whom I know personally have the same thing to say about them).

Finally, let me thank you for such a FANTASTIC service. Not only am I severly addicted to it, but also dependent on it. Cudos to all you guys.

Eagerly looking forward to some really attractive MP3 Players in the near future.



Hey JB!
First, thanks for using and loving eSnips!!!
Second, I've got a challenge for you:

Design a widget for us - yes, just send me the graphics or flash file, I'll get it up in the widget section, I promise. Surely you can do better than our "ugly" ones??? ;-)

Send it to me: hagit AT eSnips.com


Hi eSnips Group. i talk to you for ask if you can launch a eSnips site on spanish?

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