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December 09, 2007



ya boy love it


i think u should bring bak the download button because there are manny othe websites that we can just listen to the songs in and in here the benefit was we could download them too but now we really cant and well i used 2 like to download them and listen to the other songs in my computer but now i cant so i thik that you should bring the download button back


its good that we can still listen to the music but its even better to DL it.... there is really no other use for esnips if we can't DL..

Annoy me once

Let's make a signature campaign... It is so stupid... I don't want to hear some bastard's and bitche's replies...

lip sync

Okay guys, hey.... please, let's give esnips a a break here! They are providing us with an excellant website, heaps of space all for free. As I'm reading down this list all I see is a whole lot of abuse being hurled at them, merely because they are trying to keep this site operating for you! Now, if you were a singer or a musician, tell me honestly, would you like you work distrubted for free on the net all the while, your losing a lot of money) and what about the issue of these artists not getting the recognition they deserve because someone is claiming to own their work?

I think esnips is doing the right thing here, not only morally for the artists but also for the future of this site. So, I think we should give them a break and let it be. Before they decide they've had enough and shut this site down themselves or before the artists make them do it just as they have done with other sites.



personally i think that the default should be able to download and those who want to protect their music should check a box that disables downloading. a lot od my friends come to this site to share music with me and other around the world. its really annoying that i cant downlad songs that i like now. i feel very restricted.


not good news?
youre gonna lose members and visiters. as for myself, no point going onto this site anymore? disabling the DL-function was a baddd moveeeee

Screw you fucking wankers

FUCK YOU WANKERS, if you want more audience, PLEASE bring back the download function, if you don't do what we are told here, we might even sue you for pissing people off like this. If you bosses don't do anything right now, I'll fucking hack into your account and put the fucking download button back on. And if you ignore this plea, I will NEVER EVER visit or use your fucking website again unless you do.


You have to put the button bak on! or else all the users will leave! the only reason there r so many users is because of that buttom if u dont put it bak ppl r going to start to leave!!!

Fuck copyright

Fuck those copyright proprietors, they are the ones responsible for this shit and all those artists who are affected are shit anyway so they do not deserve such royalties. They are primadonnas and they can go and fuck themselves.


If Artists are making esnips accounts, doesnt that mean they want to share their music? So why would they try to stop the downloading of their music?


this is nonsense plz give us the downloading button back


I am sure there are other ways to goes around with it. Intellectual rights is unavoidable but surely esnips can do something on those not being complaint about to dl back again


please please please!!! bring the download button back!! esnips was the best downloading site since singingfish became aolvid

Dj yeah

I say juz if we cant download is ok, Juz allow us to upload the songs and there are otherways for the user to download them without voilating esnips regulation and make esnips directly responsible. FYI everyone still can download the songs, files or etc if u use firefox. PEACE!!


I love using this website to get songs....all my songs got deleted PLease Change BACK!!!

hey :(

hey you know i'm so dissapointed on Esnips why? because you all guys deleted the download function oh god bring em' back shittt!!!


hi, im not quite sure why you put alot of premium on those who want thier songs protected.. YOUR SITE IS A SHARING SITE!!!! they knew that all along when they first created an account!!! so why are you changing your rules, just because it's not working for them??? you are in control not them!!!! if they dont want thier songs distributed then esnips is not for them.. You did an awesome job in creating your identity as a "file-sharing site".. dont lose that identity because some dumbass users registered to a site that does not fit their demands! lose them or lose a bulk of ur users!!!! easy choice.. simple logic if u ask me..


OK im for real this is stupid..so why people make accounts for this..i think the only purpose its because we can download. please give us BACK da download button!!


Hello Admin !

We have been following the esnips.com since the inception, and its great seeing that the esnips community along with the developers have came so far, however I would like to point out that the recent move of "default-not downloadable" is a step backward, already esnips is loosing the audience, people are shouting in blogs, being an admin you might be aware that the traffic and site usage must have reduced recently, SO could you please revert back to original settings.... or change the default setting to download and give the users an option to disable it.



esnips was a great source for finding the rarest tunes at just a click. also it was great to come accross some tunes you never knew existed. i can understand the leghal implications for the website if the copyrighted material is being illegaly distributed. but instead of making default non-download it would be more prudent if the default was download allowed and the artists/uploaders could disable the download if the strongly felt the need to do so.

personally from visiting the site a couple times a day i have limited the visit to once a week to check if the download button is back...and i have a feeling i am not alone.


hey.. copy the url of the song then paste it in ur download manager.. it solves the so called big problem.. works fine for me everytime! try it.. if not, you can still check the url of the mp3 via the source.. prob SOLVED .. thanks esnips for providing the uploading but users needs to think further u know :P

matt casey

This is gay. I understand the situation. Esnips is trying to please both sides of the argument which is difficult. I think that dl SHOULD be default with the option to disable it.




I understand what the esnips admin talking about. If the artist and uploaders don't want there song to be produce without prior permission from the artist/uploader. but then the problem occur is the other user who upload there song is not active anymore now how come they can still edit the things you said in new dowlaod rules.. well i think the admin needs to have an open forum for this situation, maybe we're a bit lucky because this site is not like IMEEM or LIMEWIRE that you need to buy it at certain amount of money before you DL it.. We Really need to have an open Forum to talk about this NEW RULES.

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