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November 20, 2007



I too understand ur reasons for making the decision that you've made, alot of us account users just ask that u bring back the download button. What's the point of this site without it? who wants to just LISTEN to music...i mean thats what the radio is for...Unless this site becomes a RADIO-type of a site, then i can really understand your decisions. To grab the rug from right under our feet without any type of warning first is VERY inconsiderate. At least with a warning you would receive feedback on our opinions about your decision, but i think you knew this already which is why you tried to be slick about it and did what you did. As for these people (other than actual artists who complain all around the world so tell me something i havn't heard b4) who complain a/b the music that they post on this site is being downloaded, then they shouldn't post any songs themselves so they won't be downloaded. Just letting you know you did a WONDERFUL job at this new move you've just made and how you'll get MORE people joining your site now... (^_^) (-_-)...keep up the good work *pats your back*


the best music


Ya know this site sukz now. Now, not only did they take away the download button, they removed many of the songs on the website. Now, because they did that, This site sukz a plenty and I for one plan to quit esnips because of this. I loved Esnips but now, they're a whole new ball game... that sukz!!!

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