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August 13, 2007



Than you for esnips.com & Service. I lovin' it esnips.com! Thank you. Thank you very much. Introducing south korea.


If you love karaoke and the new hit show The Singing Bee, you have to check out i-Sing! A special Singing Bee version of i-Sing™ will be making its debut before the big holiday season. i-Sing™ is an interactive portable handheld karaoke player which allows its user to play music, display lyrics, sing, and record all at the same time! The best part is that it not only displays lyrics, but it drastically reduces/eliminates the lead vocals. Check it out at http://www.i-sing.com

Wow Magic Sing

Interesting! I also love singing and I'm planning to try that idea. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Keep posting!


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