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July 02, 2007


Mehran - Iran

esnips.com is awsome but just has ONE big problem:
files havent direct link and
we cant use download managers like DAP or flashget.
PLS do something for this problem.


Well thank you Lonnie for that extra special warm welcome Lonnie is right I do have one or two Irons in the fire and with a little luck the smithy will; have forged them to perfection in a week or so good things are worth waiting for so stay tuned to forum better still come on over take your shoes of and lets talk we don't have to be all serious all the time but a good natter now and then some how make the world just a touch better to live in

My thanks and very best wishes to you all and much much more to the gang at esnips

Ian Paul

Just to clear one point so there no mistakes This is an honorary position and I am not in the employ of esnips or under there influence or they mine it is as well to clear that point from the start Now off you go and enjoy the wonders and treasures esnips is offering you make the most of it I do go on a bit Its an Ian thing

bye for now

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