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July 08, 2007


david macdonald

Hey, i use e snips alot and the last few days it has not been working, is this just on my computer or everyones ? if everyones why and will it be back ?


We had a few tech issues with logging in and the forums earlier this week - all should be resolved now.
Let me know if you are still encountering difficulties.

david macdonald

Its still isnt working for me, when i try to get on to esnips it is saying "The page cannot be displayed"

Thanks, Just not sure what happining!


David, write me at hagit at esnips dot com -- there shouldn't be anything going on right now and I want to know what part of the process is causing your problem.

david macdonald

Sorry am not to sure what you mean :|


when i try to open comand prompet application the system restart itself. can you tell me what happening


how can i configure router? is that possible to configure router each port? i mean the router have 5 out port but only two ports have full access others are limted sometimes in or out. why it happen


How can i configure router? is that possible to configure router each port? i mean the router have 5 out port but only two ports have full access others are limted sometimes in or out. why it happened



the esnips media players (widgets), NOW when embeded on external forums do not seem to play - this never used to be an issue - as it was working fine up till about a week ago.

any ideas


Can you give me the link to the forum where the players are posted?


thank you Hagit for your prompt responce,very impressed

here's the link to the Forum http://www.hamaraforums.com/index.php?


I couldn't find the player anywhere. Can you please send me an email to hagit at esnips dot com with a direct link to the player?


Here the link to the player https://www.hamaraforums.com/index.php?showtopic=23997&st=765&gopid=394255&


[esnips]theTheme=blue&autoPlay=no&theFile=http://www.esnips.com//nsdoc/ebad84c2-c427-41e5-9e7b-e8da06755755&theName=Jism - Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale&thePlayerURL=http://res0.esnips.com/escentral/images/widgets/flash/mp3WidgetPlayer.swf[/esnips]


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Скорая Помощь
Скорая Помощь Сезон 1 55.00грн.
Скорая Помощь Сезон 8 24.00грн.
Скорая Помощь Сезон 1-7 300.00грн.
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Спрут Сезон 1 12.00грн.
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Спрут Сезон 3 12.00грн.
Спрут Сезон 4 12.00грн.
Спрут Сезон 5 12.00грн.
Спрут Сезон 6 12.00грн.
Тайны Смоллвилля
Тайны Смоллвилля Сезон 1 27.00грн.
Тайны Смоллвилля Сезон 2 27.00грн.
Тайны Смоллвилля Сезон 3 27.00грн.
Тайны Смоллвилля Сезон 4 27.00грн.
Тайны Смоллвилля Сезоны 1-4 99.00грн.
Твин Пикс
Твин Пикс Сезон 1 48.00грн.
Твин Пикс Сезон 2 44.00грн.
Твин Пикс Сезон 1-2 88.00грн.
Части тела
Части Тела Сезон 1 24.00грн.
Части Тела Сезон 2 24.00грн.
Части Тела Сезон 3 24.00грн.
Части Тела Сезоны 1-3 77.00грн.
Четыре Танкиста и Собака
Четыре Танкиста и Собака 131.00грн.
Числа Сезон 1 24.00грн.
Числа Сезон 2 24.00грн.


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Hey guys I had an old laptop running XP Pro. A couple of weeks ago, every time I would connect to the internet via DSL or wireless, the hard drive light would come on - as if it were writing something to the hard drive. It would cause IE to run slower than dial-up. I looked in task manager and although the CPU usage was high, there didn't seem to be a process listed that was using it. I used LavaSoft Adaware to scan on a regular basis as well as Norton 2005. I eventually gave up and bought a new laptop (Vista Home), which now has the same problem. It is obviously related to something that I copied over to the new computer from the old computer. But the things is, Norton Internet security isn't picking up a virus. I used it to scan everything before copying it on to the new computer. Has anyone heard of such a thing or had the same problem? I'd much rather be able to find and remove the problem rather than restore.



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